kenny-kyles-jenner asked: With Kendall. It looks mostly it is her hair style and she lost a little weight. Before she smiled and her face was a little chubby. And for the lips they seem to enhance them more just witg makeup. Making them seem fuller

Yeah exactly, plus everyone looks different with makeup on and when she has professionals to do hers it helps too


Kendall at the Bangerz after party with Skye and Emma Roberts

Anonymous asked: There's definitely smth going on with her lips. They used to be much thinner before, I even googled to make sure that I'm not mistaken. But nevertheless she's beautiful...

Hahaha I did that too

Anonymous asked: pretty sure she used lip fillers/ maybe a plumper a while ago cause her lips looked huge and not natural

Yeah I think so too

Anonymous asked: Man I was my body just didn't put on weight

Wish? Hahaha me too, me too

Kendall leaving Miley’s concert // Feb. 22, 2014

Anonymous asked: I know kendall is naturally skinny but looking at her a while back she was healthy. Now she looks way skinny.

She does have a really fast metabolism and it could also be her modeling career influencing her but she has said she’s tried to put on weight but her body just doesn’t


Autographed photo from today’s meet and greet. (via keeping-up-with-the-jenners)

Kendall arriving to Miley Cyrus concert at the Staples Center today